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Example of before and after office furniture refurbishing

Office Furniture Refurbishing

The way your office looks is important, it sends a message to not only your clientele but your employees that they are in a professional workplace. Talisman can help you update the look of your office furniture either by refurbishing or replacing with new or better yet, used.

Example of before and after office furniture refurbishing Save time and money while keeping a familiar feel with a rejuvenated look. Talisman's Relocation Engineers are not only experts in moving but also in dismantling, reinstalling and refurbishing office furniture systems. We use creative ways to breathe new life into your office furniture that makes it look great and saves you money.

Our personnel are familiar with all major office systems presently on the North American market, e.g. Global, Tayco, etc... We are professionals who can handle any special modifications required.

Getting new office furniture can be an expensive endeavour, you might think it's necessary but there are alternatives than can save your business some money.

Repairing and refinishing your office furniture, in some cases, is not only cost effective but it is also environmentally friendly. We truly believe that the spirit of recycle and reuse can be beneficial for a business financially.

Shopping for new furniture requires a huge investment, not only in money but in time. You have to find something that looks good, is well built and works in the space that you have. When your furniture gets some scratches, stains, nicks, bumps or some other superficial damage you don't have to throw it away.

Talisman can repair: Furniture cabinets, Office Chairs, Office Desks, Boardroom Tables, Workstations, Cubicles, and more

Having quality furniture says a lot about a business, replacing it because of superficial damage is expensive and time consuming. Call us today at 905-290-9344 we will come by give you a free inspection and quote on how to make sure your business keeps looking its best.

Make sure it's done right. You don't want to get stuck with the cheap office furniture that will just break down. If you have quality furniture it is worth saving it.

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