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Tips From Professional Office Movers

As with any process, if you break it down into more manageable steps, take your time and plan ahead, moving an office is not as much of a hassle as it first appears to be. Also, with the help of dependable, professional office relocation services you can get organized and experience a stress-free office move.

Start Planning Early

There is a lot to do when moving a business, so you cannot start planning early enough. Give enough time for planning before the moving date. Starting early also provides you with enough time to create a budget, allocate funds to the move and  accommodate last-minute changes (there are always surprises).

Always Hire Professional  Office Moving Services

Office moving and the effective relocation of systems furniture’s is complex and time consuming; you need the assistance of office movers and installers that have the right equipment and training to get the job done efficiently. By working with established office moving services you will benefit from expert advice and guidance throughout the process. Also, a professional can help with the planning and help prevent any critical or costly mistakes during the move. You will save yourself the stress and save money. Get several quotes, check for experience and references.
Remember that you, as the client define the scope of work.  Any quote should cover only what you need and be sure that all quotes are for the same services.

Pack According to Instructions Provided By Your Office Movers

Office movers will have prepared checklists that guide their customers on how items should be packed for an easier move. Some things you and your staff can do to make the movers’ job easier include:

  • Purging all obsolete items you don’t want to move (this will save you money on the move and space at the new location)
  • Clearing off desks and packing away any contents of workstations
  • Clearing out bookshelves, packing items and removing shelving from the units
  • Emptying out refrigerators and freezers and defrosting them at least two to three days in advance
  • Packing small office machines such as calculators, radios and dictation equipment in moving bins
  • Hiring plant movers for large office plants
  • Disconnecting computer equipment and packing keyboards and mice according to office mover instructions or protocol


  • Leasing companies for printers, copiers and fax machines to have the equipment moved to your  new address 
  • Your utilities provider to move your services to the new address (Internet, Phone, etc.)   
  • The individual or company in charge of your IT in order to move or coordinate the move of servers, computers, etc.
  • Incidental services such as water coolers, coffee & beverage supplies, also document retention companies should be consulted prior to your move.

Assign Staff Tasks

Especially true for big companies, moving an office is a big task and requires collaboration on all fronts. Put together a moving project team (including in-house and external team members) that will oversee and help facilitate the move. These individuals might not physically move your office, but they will be in charge of planning and managing the move. Designate one or two individuals to be in charge of the project managing your office move. They should have enough authority to make decisions on the company’s behalf, possess excellent organizing skills, have experience coordinating and planning projects, and be good at communicating with others internally as well as externally.

By hiring Professional Office Movers you can take the guesswork out of how to pack office items, the logistics of relocating a business, and reduce your company’s liability risks during the move itself.

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