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Moving Bins for Rental

At Talisman Moving Services we understand that moving is a difficult process and not everyone has the tools to make it easier. That’s why we rent bins and moving equipment.

Bin Rentals

Our moving bins are designed to help you organize your move easy and make moving day a breeze. They are:

  • 18"x21"x11"
  • Designed to protect the contents during the move
  • Ideal for office move as their size and weight loaded makes it very easy to manage.
  • Eco-friendly, as you don't need to dispose used carton boxes after your commercial move.
  • Designed for stacking to make sure everything is organized and moves quickly
  • Economical, as you are just renting them

Depending on how much paper reliant your office is you can use the following guidelines to calculate the number of bins you may need:

  • Call or telemarketing stations: 1 to 3 bins
  • Workstations: 3 to 5 bins
  • Private office: 10 to 15 bins

Bins are rented at $1.25/bin per week, but we are willing to negotiate a fair rate for a longer period of time.

Office Moving Bins for Rental

Moving Equipment Rentals

If you’re getting ready for your move but you need to move things around the office then we have a great solution for you. Talisman Moving Services can help get you the tools to make sure you can get everything ready and protect your property in the move.

We offer standard moving equipment such as:

  • Flat 4-wheel Dolly
  • Furniture Pads
  • Terminal Carts
  • Open Bins

We also offer specialized equipments such as:

  • 3-wheel Dollys
  • Johnson Bars
  • Safe Jacks

Call our Relocation Engineers at 905-290-9344 and they can help you figure what equipment you need. We are located in the GTA

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