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Square Desks into Round Holes

Customized office desks, cut to fit existing columns

Unfortunately, architects & designers don't always end up on the same page leaving furniture installers with interesting situations.

There are an endless number of things that can interfere with the final placement and installation of your office furniture or workstations - baseboards, electrical outlets, columns, posts, errors in measurements, un level floors, etc. etc. etc.

All is not always lost there are conditions which allow your Installers to modify product to fit an unusual space.

There are always options available take a look at these photos.

The Column was missed by the Designer on all installation drawings - a simple oversite really but with serious issues that needed to be resolved.

We were able to make the space functional by reassigning the individual who was to sit here and with some precise cutting fit the surface accordingly and create a fully functional copy station.

A Quick Fix and All parties involved were pleased!

Before you invest in re designing a space or ordering custom products or reworking your entire floor plan speak to a Systems Furniture Installation Specialist at Talisman

They may have an option you hadn't thought of.

Customized Office Furniture Installation

During our installations we face numerous challenges due to the layout of the area where the furniture needs to be installed: corners, columns, irregular forms, height restriction. When possible our expert installers will discuss with you the options to customize your furniture to these circumstances.


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